Wedding Makeup Tips For Would-Be Brides

August 21, 2017

Every would-be bride wishes to look her very best on the big day. From hair and makeup to the gown and accessories, there are many details to consider when it comes to the wedding day. Many brides opt to hire a professional makeup artist to make them look radiant and glowing as they walk down the aisle.
Whether you choose to do your own or prefer to hire someone, there are many things to remember when it comes to wedding makeup. The time of day you chose for your ceremony can make a big difference in the bride’s appearance. Keeping the makeup simple is the best way to allow the bride’s beauty to shine through. Most makeup experts recommend a more natural look for the wedding day.
Here are some simple tips that can make your wedding makeup flawless:
• Opt for skin radiating facials before the big day- Many brides may opt for a facial to prepare to look their best on the big day. It is recommended that any facials be done at least 2 weeks prior to the ceremony. This will help avoid any breakouts on your wedding day. There are a few more things that should be done before the wedding day as you prepare your look.
• Base should be perfect- A bridal attire needs to have a luminous effect. The light foundation and concealers are your basic makeup gears; however, don’t neglect that highlights can do. If just placed well, it can really make your skin glow. Experts recommend a pearlescent highlight if you have fair skin and a warmer or golden shade for darker tones. Employ highlighter in the lower waterlines as well as your eye’s inner corners, on the cupid’s bow, on the bridge of your nose, on your cheekbones and chin and above the upper lip so that your features will look flattering under the lights.
• Eye makeup for brides- Eyebrows should be shaped about a week before the big day. To brighten the eyes, try a soft white colour on the brow bone, the inner corners of the eyes, and just above and below the lash line. To make eyes look larger, a light taupe color or sandy shade on the crease of the eyelid will do the job. A soft cotton swab is useful for blending eyeliner, and eyelash curlers should always be used before applying mascara.
• Lipstick- The tried and true trick of applying powder to the lips before lipstick, blotting and then repeating is the best way to ensure lasting coverage. First coat the lips with powder, fill in the entire lip area with lip liner, and then apply the lip color. Blot the lips then add another layer of powder before the final coat of color.

• Opt for waterproof makeup- Weddings last for a maximum 4 hours. From your dressing, ceremony, reception, and dancing. You’ll want to wear makeup that will last through the whole series of events, along with the crying, kissing and hugging people. Opt for color stay products and for lips, select stain or long wearing lipsticks that come with moisturisers.

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