A Skincare Routine That Will Have You Positively Glowing!

December 22, 2021


Having a skincare routine that beats pollution, stress, dullness and blemishes seems like a dream to achieve, right? Especially when the work-life balance is already being hard to get stable. 

But don’t worry, after discussing with skincare experts and lifestyle influencers, we have brought here the steps that can easily adjust with your busy schedule. However, to achieve a skincare routine that gets you glowing needs patience and sincere dedication.


  • Develop A Habit


First of all, you need to develop a habit. A habit of washing your face two times a day with cold water. Once in the morning after you wake up and twice before going to bed. Developing this habit solves a lot of skin related issues. However, in case of oily skin you can wash your face during the day as well.


  • Pay Attention To Your Skin


Next step is paying attention to your skin and its type. Consult your dermatologist in case you are not sure about your skin type to avoid damaging the skin further. While keeping a skincare routine, you must pay attention to the skin under and over your eye differently. The skin there is thinner for which you can use a cream which has vitamin C, retinols and growth factors.


  • Keep Your Skin Sun-Protected


It doesn’t seem to make sense at first but once you know why wearing sunscreen always is important, you will be willing to follow this step. Sunscreen with SPF 30 can be applied on your screen everyday,no matter whether it is sunny or not. Skin experts say that wearing sunscreen does not just protect you from getting tanned but also keeps your skin healthy and reduces the wrinkling and aging of the skin.


  • Your Body Needs Hydration


Yes, you know this was going to be part, didn’t you? Drinking water is not difficult on a daily basis; however, some may need alarms to remind them. To keep your skin healthy and glowing, drinking 3-4 litres of water per day is one of the most effective skincare routines. Other than keeping your skin glowing, it also makes sure to keep your body hydrated.


  • Eat Healthy


When you eat healthy, your skin grows healthy. Having fruits and vegetables which add on to the nutritional element also keeps you energetic throughout the day. Therefore, adjusting a fruit or two in your daily routine should not be a hard thing to do. It detoxifies the body as well.


  • Keeping Yourself Exercised

Staying active and exercised is also one of the major contributing factors when it comes to skincare routines for glowing skins. Doing exercise keeps your skin tightened and young. Moreover, it reduces the stress and helps in getting a stable sleep cycle, all of which contributes to your skincare routine.


  • Peel-Off Masks


At the end, to give your skin some extra care and pampering, use peel-off masks once a week or fortnight depending on your skin requirement in order to keep your skin oxygenated and refreshed. A peel-off mask hardly takes 15-20 minutes of your day which can be adjusted in your weekends without hampering your weekday routine.

Following these tips for your skincare regimen can provide you with healthy and glowing skin. However, if you are looking for more or want the methods suitable during pregnancy, you can read Different Skin Care Products And Methods For Proper Skin care During Pregnancy.

Although, we will suggest consulting a dermatologist and your gynae as well in case there are factors that can affect your and your baby’s health.

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