These 7 quick and easy make up tricks every lazy girl loves

August 30, 2016

Coco Channel says, “Every day is a fashion show and the world is a runway”. But the question arises that do you really have patience and time to keep up your pace on this runway along with a hissy schedule? However, doesn’t matter whether you have time or not, your way of presentation is the foremost thing that upgrades you in every knocks of life. Furthermore, below mentioned are 7 quick and easy makeup tricks that can be tried even if you feel indolent–

  1. Make your morning good with a quick clean up – Although you have wiped off all the makeup of previous day still there must be some oil content dropped out in the crooks of your face. You can easily get purge of these with the help of an oil base makeup remover placed on a cotton pad and rolled on all over the face in downward motions.
  2. Highlight your eyes –Use a light color eye liner that adds shimmer to your eyes and pop it up to hide your hangover.
  3. Hide your spots – Instead of matching and mixing a foundation according to your skin tone you can use concealer to hide your spots and blemishes. It will not take more than 2 minutes to apply concealer wherever required and get an unblemished skin immediately.
  4. Even up your face –Remember that it’s your face not a checker board that can be left patched in the lieu of becoming cool. Although translucent powder is a known shortcut of giving you a glowing look, however, it leaves patches all over the face if mixed up uniformly. It can be avoided by using a makeup sponge and sprinkle of water that is when mingled up together gives a glowing texture to your skin.
  5. Multiply the use of lipstick – If you are in hurry and don’t want to carry all your makeup lushes, but still want to gleam, Lipstick is a best option for you. You can use to highlight your lips, cheeks and eye shadows too.
  6. Alive your hairs – If your hairs are dirty and you don’t have time to wash them. Put some baby powder in the root hairs and leave it overnight to get a natural feel of fresh hairs in the morning.
  7. Clean up at night – Keep cleanser at your bedside to give a quick clean up to your skin and wipe up dirt, makeup and sweats from it.

You will und30oubtedly look gorgeous after using these 7 tricks.

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  1. My friends always tell you are lazy girl But nice points mentioned .I like on three points “Highlight your eyes “,”Multiply the use of lipstick “,”Hide your spots “.Rest of them i am not interested.

  2. Well sometime i am so busy ,i don”t have even time look my hairs.After putting baby powder in the root hairs at night,next morning yeah its working.

  3. Well in my college days ,I always Used to heavy make-up to hide dark spots.It taken lesser time not more than 5 minutes.

  4. Well all the points mentioned above listed beautiful manner,in daily routine i am just follow three and four points but alot of things remaining.

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