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10 Best Dressing Hack for Plus-Size Women

August 22, 2019

Are you overweight and shy away from dressing like slim girls? Well, being heavy never means that you are not capable of wearing things that you wish. You can be fleshy but at the same time you can be fabulous! Remember, you dress to be happy! You dress to be yourself! You can dress in whichever way you want. Whether you are fat, obese or plump, it does not matter. What matters is you know the right dress and have lots of confidence to pull what you wear. Style is knowing who you are and not giving a damn to what others think about you! Plus-size women can consider the following tips to give a twist to what they are wearing.

  1. The first consideration of flabby girls with any clothing should always be its fit. The garment that you are wearing should rest lightly on your body and should not hang off. Always buy less but choose well! Always select well fitted and tailored dress. Don’t go for baggy and flared dress. Select dresses that fit you well.
  2. Colors can play a big role for your figure. Dark colors hide your extra fat while light colors will highlight them. Therefore, while selecting any cloth always go for darker shades like black, maroon, navy blue, purple, etc. This way you will look more flattering.
  3. Dresses with smaller designs and patterns will make you look smaller. That is to say small patterns will give an illusion of thinner look. Big flowers or wider prints will give your body a wider look. So while you select a top or a dress or pants or shirts, always select smaller prints or designs.
  4. Dresses with stripes look extremely good on plus size people. But always select your striped dress cautiously. Always go for vertical stripe as it gives the illusion of a compressed body. Horizontal stripes are a strict no-no on stout figure. Always go for tops, shirts, dresses or jumpsuits with vertical stripes.
  5. People usually do not pay much heed to necklines. But necklines are the first places which are noticed by onlookers when they first notice you. While selecting dresses go for off-shoulder, spaghetti strap, sweetheart, square, v-neck and scoop necklines and avoid high-neck, bateau, Grecian and cowl lines.
  6. If you are wide at your bottom then always seek out well fitted pants and skirts. Flared pants, bellbot jeans, wide-leg trousers, broomstick skirts, baggy pants are a no-no for a roly-poly person like you. Instead you can go for pencil skirts and dresses and skinny jeans and tailored pants.
  7. In order to hide that pot-belly wear full length tops, tea shirts, jackets and shrugs. Crop top, short shirts and jackets will reveal those extra fats which may embarrass you.
  8. As far as the sleeves of clothes are concerned, chubby girls should wear full sleeves or quarter sleeves. This will give them an attractive look.
  9. Fashions fade away but style remains eternal. Keep your style as simple as possible. For making a style statement avoid wearing heavy accessories. Too much of accessorizing like wearing dangles, necklaces and bangles all together will give you a heavier look. Let yourself look lighter and simpler.
  10. Don’t wear high waist trousers, jeans and skirts as it will focus your beer-belly. Instead wear low waist bottoms like skirts and pants.

So, these few dressing tips can help you look slimmer and fashionable. Nevertheless, always remember that you are the best whatever you are – slim or fat!

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