Top 7 Ways To Bid Sunburn Adieu And Love Summer Like Never Before

August 1, 2016

Sunbath is a boon and a bane. The perils of having a sun encounter are sunburns. A summer vacation is not complete without sunburns. People are at times proud to have them all over. But once you get tanned the burns is what becomes unbearable. These cause excessive troubles like tans, tan lines, rashes and even swellings on the skin. Here are some quick trick reliefs from sunburn:

Precautions: Measures to Avoid Sunburn. 

Cover your body with cotton clothes, preferably of a lighter color. Black clothes are a big No-No!

Sunscreens? Of course! But SPF15 or 25 won’t be enough when you are out in the heat that has more than 40-degree temperature.

Tie your hair, ladies. Letting them open in a warm and humid atmosphere will attract more heat which causes sweating and that turns to rashes and swellings.

Remedies: If Sunburn Precautions Weren’t Taken, Here You Are With Some Remedies As Well.

  1. Mint and Tea
    A mixture of these two cold ingredients gives the ultimate coolness easing down the itching, if any, as well as the burning sensation. The tannic acid and theobromine in the tea do the magic while methanol in mint causes the chill.
  1. Aloe cream or gel
    Aloe again has this sensational cooling property like mint, but along with that aloe-vera has a repairing angel as well. Aloe has amino acids, saccharides, lignins, salicylic acids and saponins in its juice which has a faster healing property.
  1. Cortisones
    Hydrocortisone comes with an anti-inflammatory property which soothes all the burning feeling immediately. Even gulping a tablet of ibuprofen will also give an instant relief from agonizing from the itches.
  1. Milk
    An immediate remedy, just after a 6+ hour long sun exposure, will be rubbing milk all over your body. This organic way is highly preferred since the ancient times. A cool compress of chilled milk has whey protein and lactic acid that are anti-inflammatory, soothing the areas of redness and rash. Adding oatmeal, yogurt or cornstarch as a paste will be an add-on!

Sunburn is bliss but staying inside in Summers is not an option, right. Hope these tips come handy this summers.

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