9 overnight hacks every girl must try for shiny, silky and smooth hair

July 30, 2016

Life is too short to waste it with a boring hair style, thus you can try these 9 simple yet smart overnight hacks that every girl must try to get a confident look –

  1. Tie up your wet hairs – Tie up your hairs in the form of braid after taking shower at night. Leave it overnight and unwind it in the morning, put some graining spray over your hairs with even hands in the sprit way and feel your bouncy hairs, this will give you 24 hours smart and set curls.
  2. Criss-cross buns – Put some hair gel at night and divide your hairs into upper and lower sections. Make a top knot bun with upper section, then divide lower section into two and make cross round the bun with these divisions of hairs. Keep it overnight and unwind in the morning to get a heavy, lively and curly look.
  3. Celebrity-style look – Apply dry conditioner and then blow dry your hairs. Use hair spray and tuck rollers overnight to get little bends. Apply styling cream to get celebrity style look.
  4. Flicks fashion – Divide your hairs in two sections from middle and taking two small flicks from both the sides apply shimmering gel and roll by iron clips. Leave this for a night and you will get curly flicks in the morning.
  5. Blend your annex – To give healthy and shiny looks to your hairs apply dry shampoo on your extensions for overnight. Use hair dryer in the morning to split your blends and get glaze with your shiny hairs.
  6. Curly bottoms – To get bottom curls in your short hairs apply some texturing gel in the lower section of hairs and wind them round the bobby pins at night. You will get floating curls in the morning after unwinding the pins.
  7. Volumize your hairs – Apply voluminizing gel and twist your hairs in the form of bun at night and blow your hair dry in the morning to get fluffy look.
  8. Wavy curls – Apply hair gel and tie small braids all around your head at night. Untie them in the morning and feel wavy curls throughout.
  9. Straighten your curls – Apply shimmer gel, comb up tight and clench your hair at the bottom with the iron clips at night. Remove the clips in the morning and cover your head with hot steamy towel to straighten your curls.

 Hope you will start loving your hairs now……..:)

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