5 Hair Mistakes to Avoid that Makes You Look Older

August 6, 2016

Hair defines the most important part of a girl’s body – her face.  It is her face which embarks the originality as well as the real sense of beauty in her. Smile might be the best makeup for her but a good hairstyle is definitely the best way to judge her age.

 Here are some really common mistakes that you should be avoiding in order to look only younger:

For Teens
Teenagers, attention! Putting up cool colored highlights and making your hair go all bonkers with various hues of fashion won’t work. You are already young and fascinating, why would you bother yourself by going through all these when you can try out little braids, beads and bangs on your hair.

 For 20+
Mistakes made would lessen but when it’s committed it would be huge. For your hair many ladies try keeping them short and in the same level. Try altering that to a messy look. Like uneven style of haircuts. This makes you look younger and way cooler as a whole.

 For 30+
When you really start understanding fashion trends that’s when you look at your age. You belong to this group of 30+. You are now experienced with all the mistakes you made. But still some women go crazy on their hairs yet again. Coloring your hair all grey is an idea you are inspired from Hollywood, but then going that way is not advisable at this age. Try a light coiffed look with brown shades of highlights.

 For 40+
Ladies on this group are very much a take to convince for any beautician. We understand but then you should know what’s wrong with the style you follow. Taking a center part and leaving the hair open with over ironed flat look makes you face look slimmer but older. Don’t take a center part.

For 50+
Ladies of this age group have thinner hair, in majority. For such individuals, a genuine advice would be, to keep the hair short. A Bob cut or a long Bob cut will allow your face to look healthy and happy. Also short hair bangs will also bring a youthful impression to your face.

 Following these really straightforward tips for your hair will help you from making any mistakes that would create an impression that’s old. So next time keep these tips handy and just toss to between the age groups you belong.

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  1. Firstly, I would like to appreciate the author for writing such an informative article. Many women face such kind of hair issues. Taking care of hair has always been tricky. What you should follow, what should be avoided, all these things are very important if you want healthier and good looking hair.

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