Tiny Tattoo Tales: 12 Amazingly Gorgeous Body Art You Should Not Give A Miss!

August 12, 2016

Tiny tattoo tales: 12 amazingly gorgeous body art you should not give a miss!

Tattoos are a form of self expression and showing the world your identity by using your body as a canvas. It is art that is inspired from your thoughts, memories, experiences and desires. In its purest form, body art can inspire and impact you in ways you can never imagine. You get to say a lot with just a small image.

Check out these absolutely gorgeous tiny tattoos that your inner artist will definitely enjoy

  1. These Stunning Quadruple Of Tiny Birdsbirds
    Because Your Soul is as free as them and you’ve never known how to stay in a cage.
  2. This Map Of Everywhere You Want To Gomap
    For everyone who wants to get lost in this big wide world and its wonderful cultural diversity.
  1. This Blowing Dandeliondandelion
    To remind you that you are the type of person who can sometimes just press the pause button on life to simply blow a dandelion.
  2. This Life-Love Feather Tattoofeather
    A feather typography tattoo for those who love words just as much as they love art.
  3. This Amazing 3-D Butterflybutterfly
    A beautiful 3-D tattoo of a butterfly mid-flight with its wings fluttering is truly a piece of art.
  4. These Fresh Cherriescherries
    Cute cherries depict kindness and purity. These cherries on a stem also portray freshness and youth.
  1. The Ultimate Harry Potter Tattooharry-potter
    The Deathly Hallows symbol which includes the Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone and the Invisibility Cloak is a perfect tattoo for every Potterhead.
  2. This Elegant Piece Of Artart
    Detailed and artistic, this is a tattoo one would love to flaunt at all times.
  1. These Birds Of A Featherbirds-feather
    This intricate feather with a flock of birds flying outwards is for those free spirits who are not bound by any rules of the world.
  2. This Detailed Anchoranchor
    This sturdy and detailed anchor for those who always want to be grounded and remember their roots no matter where they go.
  1. This Minimalistic Paper Plane plane
    This cute and simple tattoo of a paper plane that inspires you to just leave everything and let the wind take you wherever it wants.
  2. This Cluster Of Starsstars
    Reach for the stars with this tattoo and leave your impression wherever you go.

These gorgeous tiny are more than enough inspiration for anyone to awake their inner artist and get inked as soon as possible.

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