A skin tone guide for perfect pouting lips: 9 lip colours you must try this season

August 18, 2016

Most of the time people overlook a very prominent part of their face – yes, it is their lips. Our lips take a beating on a daily basis, from exposure to the sun and the wind. People suffer various lip damages from dry lips to peeling lips.

Tips for perfect pouting lips

# Always keep your lips moisturized
Dryness and chapping of lips is one big turn off and if it’s not treated at the right time, can cause dark and pigmented lips. Always keep a lip balm handy, and apply it frequently throughout the day. Lip balms can be addictive, so choose them judiciously. Do not use petroleum based lip balms as they may be harmful in the long run.

# Hydrate your body to keep your lips hydrated
Keeping oneself hydrated will  prevent the dryness on the lips irrespective of the season.

# Avoid exposure to the sun
Darkening of the lips may occur due to the excessive presence of melanin pigment in the region. It is ideal to protect oneself from the harmful  UV rays of the sun by applying lip products like lip balms and lip sticks which contain SPF or other sunscreens, to ensure healthy lips.

# Use only good cosmetics
Using a lot of artificial cosmetics on the lips can be harmful as they may contain corrosive and unhealthy chemicals. Regular use of cosmetics, especially the ones which are cheap in quality, on the lips can result in pigmentation.  It will be wiser to use cosmetics that have nutrients and natural extracts like shea butter, pomegranate seed oil etc in their composition.

Lip care should not be avoided and overlooked and should be just as important as the rest of your skin care routine

9 lip colours you must try this season:

Rose looks great on everyone and it’s such a subtle color, it can be worn on any occasion.

# Peach
Peach is a great lipstick color to brighten up one’s face because of its versatility.

Fuchsia will never go out of style. It’s the easiest way to brighten up any outfit, even a simple one.

# Crimson
This dark red shade is dramatic and may be ideal to dress up an outfit.

# Coral
Coral is a fun shade for warmer weather. A swipe of this lip color will instantly warm up one’s face.

# Chestnut
Chestnut is a huge hit. The color is slightly lighter than brown.

#Bubblegum Pink
Pink was a huge colour trend this season, especially for lipstick.

# Berry
Both matte as well as sheen finishes look great in berry lipstick.

# Sheer Nude
Nude lipstick has always been in trend because of its classy look.

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  1. Coral lip color was in trend in 90s and now today, it is chosen as one of the best lip shades. It is my personal favurite color.

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