15 Things A Grown Woman Should Throw Out Of Her Closet

August 24, 2016

Every woman is well acquainted with the must-haves – be it Gucci, Armani or any other fashion labels. Nevertheless, having so much clutter in your closet that some spring cleaning would bring you a world of good including bring you abundance, happiness, and much more. Here are a few things you should consider discarding.

  1. Old tight dresses
    Waiting to lose some weight so that you can fit back into that old dress? It might take months or even years for you to be able to achieve that. What were you thinking all this time?
  1. Stacks of old newspapers
    Thought you would find some time someday to read that article on the Bermuda Triangle but actually realize that you don’t have any time at all? Then, it’s time to get rid of those stacks of old newspapers.
  1. Clothes that serve as reminders
    Do you want to be known as someone, who clings on to the past or want memories of your past relationships returning to you? If not, then consider purging these out of your closet.
  1. Heels that hurt
    You may have purchased those heels to wear them to dates in the past but when they start hurting more than your past relationships, it’s time to dump them.
  1. Abandoned low-rise jeans
    These aren’t funny anymore. Get them out of your closet for good.
  1. Cosmetics that have been dumped
    Yep! Those beauty supplies that you purchased inspired by Ariana Grande may go out of fashion very soon. Besides, they would have already crossed their expiry dates.
  1. Clothes that aren’t age-appropriate
    Some women look like little girls but it doesn’t mean that they can wear kids’ dresses. Toss them out the window!
  1. Dresses with floral designs
    Nothing declares “old fashioned” like dresses that have floral designs. Give them away to some orphanage. At least, you know they will be useful to someone.
  1. Worthless shoes
    Imagine wearing one of those shoes that you purchased in the early 90s just because they were in fashion back then to your office now! They are not worthy any longer. Discard them.
  1. Things of sentimental value
    Do you keep holding on to things of sentimental value that are not of any use or do not have any value in the market out of sheer guilt? Throw them out or give them to a poor child.
  1. Expired prescription medicines
    One fine day, you find some prescription medicines in your closet but realize that their expiry date was over several years ago. Dispose them but make sure you pack them properly before doing so.
  1. Old grocery bags
    Maybe you can reuse these bags one after the other but everyone knows fully well that having more grocery bags than necessary in that closet is a waste of space. Consider throwing out a few of them.
  1. Projects that have been forgotten
    You thought that you could knit a sweater for the new-born baby in your family but end up forgetting to complete it. Besides, it is not good for the soul to keep collecting projects that have been long forgotten.
  1. Stained dresses
    If you have abandoned a few dresses just because they have been stained long ago, consider throwing them out for good. Besides, what is the use storing them away in your closet?
  1. Old bras
    You wouldn’t want to make it obvious to the others what you always thought could not be seen by them. Enough said!

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  1. I will never throw my floral designs! Nicy floral tunics or the frocks are what I love, no matter how old i get!

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