5 Cost-Effective Hair Oils Best For Your Hair

November 1, 2017

Human scalp secretes a natural oil known as sebum that protects the hair strands from environmental pollution. However, excess tresses can make them dry and unmanageable. To improve the condition of your tresses and to keep it soft and healthy, it is necessary to use proper hair oil. Regular hair conditioning with natural oil is quite essential to keep your tresses healthy, bouncy and beautiful. Various problems such as thinning of tresses, hair fall; rough, dry, frizzy and oily tresses can be taken care with a gentle oil massage. The nourishing oils serve as useful conditioners when massaged onto the scalp. While many of the nourishing oils are expensive or not easily available in the market, we are listing the best nourishing hair oils that are cost-effective and easily available everywhere.

Coconut oil: One of the best and highly recommended hair oils used by most of the people includes coconut oil. It can be massaged into the scalp in circular motions. Applying warm oil keeps your scalp free from dandruff and leaves your tresses shiny and black. Coconut hair oil is one of the most common varieties of oils used on the tresses to keep them from falling. There are different varieties of coconut oil available in the markets today. Coconut oil enriched with essential vitamins is also applied on the tresses to keep it bouncy and strong.

Almond oil: Effective hair oils also include almond oil which supports healthy growth of the tresses and provides adequate protection. It leaves your tresses shiny, conditioned, bouncy and beautiful. It is easier to style your tresses when it is manageable and that is exactly what almond oil does. Moreover, this natural oil can work miracles on your tresses without any side-effects.

Olive oil: A natural and vitamin enriched olive oil is beneficial for both the skin and the tresses. It can be applied to style your tresses too. It is considered to be the best oil cum conditioner, and it can be blended along with coconut oil and almond oil to achieve best results.

Mustard oil: Some people prefer to use mustard oil on their tresses as it helps it keep away dandruff. It serves as an excellent conditioner during winters.

Lavender oil: Renowned for conditioning tresses, lavender oil is sweet smelling oil with a lovely fragrance. Massaging lavender oil onto the scalp relaxes the senses. It also helps to reduce dandruff and loss of tresses to a great extent.

Each type of oil has its beneficial qualities and can be used for various purposes. There is an array of oil products that can be used on the tresses which are available in many of the online and offline stores at affordable price rates. It is better not to use oil products which are chemically enhanced as it can cause damage to the hair.

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  1. I’m having a serious problem of dry scalp and falling hair, and I’m going to do anything to whatever it takes get this problem up and out of my head.

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