These 15 beauty rules you need to break now

July 16, 2016

Beauty rules are overshadowed by certain stereotypes or by certain comfort zones that each one of us have. But, make up is all about experimenting new looks freely to see what works best for you. Here, are certain beauty rules that you need to break to see beyond your long held inhibitions.

  1. Brown eye shadow suits only the light eyed– You could try bold bright colors in combination to look vivacious. You need to break this rule to see the wonders brown eye shadow could do to dark eyed.
  1. Use lip liners only as an outline: Lisa Butler tried extra small lines on the Cupid’s bow and in the centre of the lower lip. Lip liners are excellent lip subtle lip colors.
  1. Use finger tips over a brush: Use your finger tips to dab make up on your face for a more natural finish. Brush gives you an even smooth finish.
  1. Blushing is for cheeks: Blushing could be done all over the face to look pinky and bubbly.
  1. Wash hair regularly: A braided hair or a simple high knot can make you look equally sexy.
  1. You need to match your eye brow color and hair color: No longer! The examples of gorgeous looking celebrities are all over around.
  1. Brushing hair is good: Not always! Could lead to hair brakages.
  1. Shampooing hair is necessary for cleaning: Try apple cider vinegar and baking soda works out and see the awesome end result.
  1. Bright eye makeup is too loud: No more, a thin streak of purple, red or lime will give you a fresh look.
  1. Hairsprays should be used only on hair: No, try using it on your eyebrows by spraying a little on your fingers and you would love it.
  1. Hair needs to be trimmed often: Only if you have issues with your hair outgrowth.
  1. Bronzer goes only on the face: It will look superb on your abs too.
  2. Never mix metallic colors: Try mixing it and you will love to break this rule forever.
  1. Oiling is not good: Oiling is the best conditioner ever!
  1. You need to dye your gray hair: Natural is always better. Grey hair looks really good.

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