These 11 essentials in your makeup kit can make you look gorgeous in last 15 mins

July 26, 2016

Tyra Banks (a beautician) says, “I love the confidence that makeup gives me”. Undoubtedly, her thought is must for ‘She’ factor; no matter she is on her date or a job interview. Thus, in order to give a self-assured touch in your present ability, we bring here 11 essentials in your makeup kit that makes you gorgeous even in the 11th hour –

  1. Face wipes – Dirt gives you a dull look. Thus, carry a pack of face wipes to clean up these absorbed mucks and give a fresh feel to your looks.
  2. Face scrub – Black heads and dead skins clogs up your pores that in turn hinders your skin to breath properly. A good quality of scrub will help you in getting a healthy skin tone.
  3. Concealer – Pimple marks, under eye circles and blemishes can be easily packed up by a cream based formula of concealer. It gives you a clean and spotless look.
  4. Foundation – Keep a foundation in match to your complexion. Apply it in pinches all over the uncovered areas. Mix it firmly throughout to get an even tone.
  5. Natural blush –If you have an oily skin then acne-prone mineral blush will help you and if you are suffering from dry skin cream blush will give you a yummy look.
  6. Bold Lipstick – Although you are a glossy girl, yet you must keep a bold lipstick in your makeup kit. This will give you an instant polished look even after your hectic day.
  7. Eyeliner – Brown eyeliner is good for all type of eye mate. So, keeping any version of eyeliner varying from smoky to liquid can help you.
  8. Water-proof mascara – Be ready for a pooly party to a movie cry with your waterproof mascara.
  9. Eyeshadow – Keeping a brownish or natural eye shadow in your kit will help you in going from smoky to natural look.
  10. Shine serum – How can you forget to care up your hairs without shine serums? Gel based shine serums will aid on in your persona with a set-wet go feel.
  11. Makeup brushes –Never underestimate the mix and match of colour blends you use on your face. Thus, keep a set of blushing, eye shadow and brows brushes in your trend case.

We love to love your lovely looks…….!!!!

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